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A business account that's built for freelancers, new or experienced with crypto payments. Receive crypto and euro payments, manage transactions and expand your client base.

Crypto for every freelancer

Whether you're a freelancer experienced with cryptocurrencies or new to them, Colossos is your easiest crypto banking platform.

A crypto-forward freelancer

A crypto-forward freelancer

You actively accept cryptocurrencies from clients and use a crypto exchange, you seek a banking-crypto solution.
A crypto-curious freelancer

A crypto-curious freelancer

You're eager to start accepting crypto payments from clients and are searching for a simple crypto banking solution.
An international freelancer

An international freelancer

You mainly collaborate with clients from diverse countries and handle frequent international transactions.
A freelancer in the blockchain or crypto industry

A freelancer in the blockchain or crypto industry

You're already engaged in blockchain or crypto-related work, making crypto payments a logical choice in your field.
3D image rendering of the Colossos secured crypto wallet, emphasizing its security features and functionality.

Receive Crypto Payments from your Clients

Accept 35+ cryptocurrencies from your clients, as a form of payment directly into your Colossos crypto wallet. Your digital assets are 100% secure in isolated on-chain wallets, guaranteeing their safety.
3D image rendering of the Colossos debit cads funded with euros.


Choose your IBAN (FR, NL, IE, or ES) and use it to pay recurring charges, partners, or providers, and receive payments in euros from your traditional clients.
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Set up sub-accounts with unique IBANs. Create one for project earnings, another for recurring costs. Easily categorize your crypto and Euro transactions to keep everything well-organized.
3D image rendering of the Alpha pro plan

The alpha pro, your easy pricing plan

The Alpha Pro is our freelancer-friendly business plan. It simplifies your crypto and euro transactions through a user-friendly crypto bank platform.

Monthly subscription: €23.20

Discover The Alpha Pro


Expand your client database

Accept payments from clients worldwide with ease. Open doors to new business opportunities and expand your horizons.

Enjoy transparent transactions

Experience complete transparency in your payment process. Benefit from top-notch security measures for your financial assets.

Reduce your costs

Keep transaction fees to a minimum and maximize your earnings.


  • Expert team: crypto banking is our specialty, and we're here to support the growth of your freelancing activities.
  • Transparent & fair: no hidden fees. Withdraw your funds anytime, verified on the blockchain.
  • Easy-to-use: everything on a single interface for your crypto and your euros transactions. Focus on what matters for your freelance work.
  • Compliant and secure: Regulated by De Nederlandsche Bank, fully compliant crypto exchange and 100% cold storage for your digital assets.